Saturday, May 1, 2010

In search of mystery...

Hello hello, as mentioned in the show today, we were AFTMATMPS (away from text messages and therefore mystery point suggestions).

So how about it? Leave a suggestion of a time/place/thing/person/word/event/celebrity the comments, and you - yes YOU! No not you, YOU with the SYN membership - could be the owner of a shiny old pair of socks donated by us in a shameless bid to increase audience participation.

To stress the information in the confusing sentence above, you MUST have a SYN membership in order to receive the prize (go on, it's pretty cheap anyway) but the consolation prize (getting talked about on the radio) is surely enough, isn't it?

The boobie prize for any silly suggestions will be us making fun of your name on air, insinuating that you had an intimate affair with Brendan Fevola and telling you to "get off your high horse".

So let's have em!

1 comment:

  1. Mystery points! Deoderant, cybernetic implant, fire ant, nuclear power plant, gregorian chant, Grant Imahara, John Hodgman.