Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mystery Found

Well, you've run out of time for suggestions this week. Shame on you.

The winner is the omnipresent entity of wikicircuitry, the notorious Scott Morton - owner of a brand new used pair of socks! (available for collection from Rob McIroncock)
Of all the one entries, we chose his "cybernetic implants" suggestion.

But as always, suggestions for next week's point are now open! So suggest away suckers, and make them good!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

In search of mystery...

Hello hello, as mentioned in the show today, we were AFTMATMPS (away from text messages and therefore mystery point suggestions).

So how about it? Leave a suggestion of a time/place/thing/person/word/event/celebrity the comments, and you - yes YOU! No not you, YOU with the SYN membership - could be the owner of a shiny old pair of socks donated by us in a shameless bid to increase audience participation.

To stress the information in the confusing sentence above, you MUST have a SYN membership in order to receive the prize (go on, it's pretty cheap anyway) but the consolation prize (getting talked about on the radio) is surely enough, isn't it?

The boobie prize for any silly suggestions will be us making fun of your name on air, insinuating that you had an intimate affair with Brendan Fevola and telling you to "get off your high horse".

So let's have em!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Podcast 05: The Congo to Macrel Marcaeu

The wait is finally over. The podcast you've all been waiting for has finally arrive. Yes, that's right. It's the one with Scott. You've kept your pants on long enough people, it's time to tear them off.

Recorded on the 10th of April, this show was the last for the block, and was co-hosted by special guest, the infamous Scott Morton.

We went from:
  1. The Congo, the place
  2. to the time of a Blue Moon
  3. to the event Phar Lap's Death
  4. to Teddy Roosevelt (his Amazonian explorations, and his commercial namesake)
  5. to the word Assassin
  6. and finally to Marcel Marceau (and his horrifying picture... don't say we didn't warn you)

Download your very own slice of Scott right here (right click, "save target as" etc):
10-04-10 Wikicircuitry podcast (mp3)

Stream him here:

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To reiterate! You can all now listen to us (and maybe Scott) at our extremely "sexy new time" of 4pm-5pm Saturdays, on the one and only 90.7 SYN Radio

Monday, March 29, 2010

Apologies in advance for tasteless euphemism

Yeah alright ok I know, podcasts are coming thin and slow... but you don't know what it's like being me!
Between crippling apathy, hunger and laziness - not to mention the work I'm meant to be doing - it's hard to justify time to edit and upload podcasts in between episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
But I promise there might be one in the next week or so, ok?

However, the point at hand is not my feeble excuse-making skills, but a big call-out for suggestions for this week's mystery point, which we were unable to garner on Saturday due to technical reasons out of our control.

But enough of this diversion riddled foreplay, time to whip out those mystery points and start giving them to us.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Podcast 04: Kazoo to Kramer

Without too much braggartry, this may be the greatest piece of radio of the last decade, if not ever. Recorded on the 2oth of February, it a endless rollercoaster ride of emotions that left us exhausted and satisfied. The emotions were mostly cynicism and nausea, but hey, they're two of my favourite anyway.

Our journey led us from:
  1. The Kazoo (submitted by Alice)
  2. to the incident of the Phoenix Lights
  3. to (the year) 1997
  4. to Brazil (and the Brazillian Wandering Spider)
  5. to the word Incubus
  6. and finally to Michael Richards and his utterly shocking publicly racist outburst.

Download this monumental piece of broadcast history here (right click, "save target as" etc):
10-02-20 Wikicircuitry Podcast (mp3)

Stream your very own behemoth of human achievement here:

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Until we meet again!